The Classic ’90s Rachel cut made popular in Friends by Jennifer Aniston

Made iconic by Jennifer Aniston’s character on Friends, one of the most popular TV shows of all time, “The Rachel” became one of the most requested cuts ever during the 1990s. It has shaped haircut trends in the ensuing decades and, with the program still being broadcast daily on multiple channels three decades later, its reach has now extended to a whole new generation.  When it’s time for a fresh cut this summer, this classic cut is always a good option. Whether you prefer the original look, or one of the hybrid versions, it’s a beautiful way to frame your face. So let’s talk about “The Rachel Reimagined.” 


The original Rachel haircut featured familiar ‘90s layers and tons of face-framing pieces. The result created a rounded, bouncy blowout with plenty of volume. According to Aniston herself, the only issue she had with the cut was that it was incredibly high-maintenance. This revelation is what inspired many stylists to reimagine and modernize the cut in several different ways. The main takeaways from this cut are volume, face-framing layers, and a mid-length look. Instead of copying the original Rachel, we’ve seen a slew of hybrid haircuts taking its place. 


The big difference between the original and the updated versions are the layers. They are softer and tailored to each person’s hair type and texture. This makes styling easier, whether air-drying or using heat. We’ve also noticed that some of the modern versions have a bit more length to complement an individual’s face shape, in cases where the mid-length won’t work as well.


Before “The Rachel” came into existence, highlights were typically chunky. Aniston’s natural-looking sun-kissed highlights inspired a new era of understated elegance. The classic Rachel look included face-framing highlights with a bold contrast. The updated version has no rules about color, it’s really up to you and your stylist – and it’s important to work with what you’ve got in order to enhance the effortless finish.


This cut is all about the vibe, and that vibe is…effortless! This cut is voluminous with a smooth and shiny finish that is neither straight nor wavy. Although many of the new hybrid versions aim to lower the maintenance threshold, it will still take some attention and certainly a few great products in order to achieve the finish. Luckily, your stylist can recommend all the right things, so you’ll leave the salon with a great plan to maintain your bouncy blowout every day. 

Keune products we love to use for this look: For cleansing, Care Vital Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner; for prep, Care Lumi Coat Luminous Shine Spray; and for styling, Style Brilliant Gloss Spray.

Enjoy your hair!!