michael-anthony-salon-dcDo you have frizzy, kinky curls that resist – no, that fight –  your efforts to control them? Have previous hair straightening treatments left you wanting more, but better? Now, you can finally get the results you want. 

“Until now I have refused to offer keratin smoothing treatments because of the harmful effects of formaldahyde used in some of these treatments.” 


Seasonal frizz has always been a problem for our customers. In fact, this is probably within the top five on the complaint list from women with all types and lengths of hair. Since weather and humidity are huge factors, summer is the worst season for frizz.  Luckily, for some, simple adjustments to a daily hair care routine can help with frizz control. For others, only a serious intervention- a salon treatment – will work.

Here at Michael Anthony Salon we are introducing a brand new service. If you struggle with frizz or curl control in the summer, you will be as excited as we are about our new smoothing treatment. Believe me, this was worth waiting for.

Überliss = Super Smooth

Überliss Smoothing Treatment is a premium 3-step smoothing system that guarantees immediate and superior results. It is the perfect solution for smoothing out your curly, wavy, springy, frizzy, or just plain hard-to-manage hair – for up to 4 months! It is 100% formaldehyde-free and is is compatible with other chemical processes, i.e. keratin treatments, blowouts, color services, etc.

Überliss Just for YOU

Not all frizz is the same. There are two smoothing treatment options available. Your stylist will determine the right treatment option for YOUR hair during a consultation visit. You should plan your consultation visit at least a week or more before your desired date for treatment.


Über Smooth for frizz and waves that leaves your hair with a soft silky shine. The application takes two hours and we recommend that you wait 48-72 hours before the first wash after treatment.

Über Ultra for resistant waves and curls that will tame and straighten the most challenging twists and twirls. It has a longer application time (three hours) but can be rinsed the same day.

Michael Anthony Salon on Capitol Hill is the first salon in the area to offer the Überliss treatment and products to our clients.  We absolutely love it and our customers tell us they are ecstatic with the results. Are you ready to say good-bye to frizz?  Start by scheduling a complimentary 15-minute consultation to discuss the details of your treatment. We’ll take it from there.  I know that you will be as thrilled as we are with the results.

Enjoy your hair!