winter hair care tips from michael anthony salon dcThe chilly (brrrrr) winter season has arrived. With the change in season, you have probably broken out the turtlenecks, sweaters, and scarves to keep you warm and toasty. However, while switching your wardrobe, it’s time to think about switching up your hair care routine for the season, too. The structure of your hair can change when exposed to different environmental conditions, and your hair care should adjust accordingly. Here are professional tips for changing your hair care for the season.

Use Moisturizing Haircare Products for Drier and Cooler Air

The air is drier and cooler during the winter, both indoors and outdoors. Lack of moisture can significantly weaken hair by making the strands brittle and creating static hair that makes you look like a science project. To remedy this, use shampoo and conditioners that are more moisturizing than you would typically use during warmer and more humid months. If you want to pamper yourself, try a moisturizing hair mask.

A fantastic tip you may never have heard about for changing your hair care for the season is a dry conditioner. You can add moisture and shine while detangling your hair with Style Dry Conditioner by Keune Hair Cosmetics. This light spray is ideal for the person who shampoos a few times a week but still experiences dry hair between shampoos.

Fight Frizz and Static

To protect your hair from the frazzle of frizz and the static of less humidity and drier air, an anti-frizz hair serum may help. A leave-in treatment can make your sleek locks last longer. After washing your hair, apply the serum and avoid brushing your hair when wet to help prevent breakage.

Change How You Use Your Haircare Tools

When changing your hair care for the season, you may want to consider adjusting how you use your haircare tools. Make sure you use the highest quality styling tools and products to ensure your hair’s fullest strength and health. Using a dryer and other heat styling tools can damage your hair during the winter season. Use a towel instead to get rid of excess moisture and allow hair to air dry. If you do choose a hairdryer, use a cool heat setting.

Oil Your Dry Scalp

During winter, harsh conditions (cold, dry indoor heat) can lead to a dry scalp, dry hair, and dandruff. Massaging hair oil into your scalp can help keep your hair nourished and moisturized. The oil you choose will depend on your type of hair. Your stylist can recommend the best choice for you. You can also experience less breakage and enjoy strong, shiny strands with the right nourishment.

Professional Help for Changing Your Hair Care This Season

The winter season can take a hard toll on your scalp and hair. However, changing your hair care for the season can significantly protect your hair from damage. It is essential to ask your professional stylist about which products would suit your hair when changing your hair care for the winter season. The professional stylists at Michael Anthony Salon can recommend the best products for your hair. Why not schedule an appointment today?

Enjoy your hair,