mature-woman-considers-hairstyles-michael-anthony-salon-dcI get asked this question a lot. “Am I too old for long hair?”  “Is my color too dark?” “Should we lighten my hair?”  Society places so much pressure on us at every stage of our lives. Aging doesn’t stop these pressures, either. Movies, tv shows, and our own family and friends tell us what we “should” do with our style as we age. My answer to these questions is always the same. 

Repeat After Me…

Who cares what others say? Life is too short to worry about the opinions of others where your hair is concerned. Do you! If you like a style, rock it! The more time you spend worrying about what others think of your hairstyle, the less time you have to get out there and live life on your terms. Your hairstyle should make you feel confident about yourself. Listen, you work hard, sacrifice for others, and have nothing to prove to anyone.  Wear your hair in a length, style, and color that you feel confident in and suits your lifestyle.

“…you work hard, sacrifice for others, and have nothing to prove to anyone.  Wear your hair in a length, style, and color that you feel confident in and suits your lifestyle.” – Mickey

Fabulous Hair At Every Age

Hair does go through changes as we age, so let’s talk about some things you may want to consider to keep your hair looking fabulous.  As we age, our skin loses pigment, just like our hair. Changing the tones of your hair color can complement changes in skin tones. Remember that it’s also okay to embrace the gray! Treatments for gray hair can give you sleek, shiny gray hair that everyone will envy.

You may notice your hair doesn’t feel as thick as it once did. Aging hair strands become smaller, and hair growth slows, changing the hair texture.  You may want to experiment with a new cut that will make your hair seem thicker, maybe adding in some layers. There are tons of products on the market that promise to make your hair look thicker. Just remember that using too many products can actually have the opposite effect. Using too many products at once can make your hair feel stiff and can zap the shine out. Stick to a single product or complementary products, such as a lightweight mousse followed with a serum to enhance the shine. Be sure to discuss the products best suited for you and your needs with your stylist on a regular basis.

Aging hair is also more fragile, so it is essential to take good care of it. High heat styling equipment can damage your hair, leaving you with dull, weakened hair, so take it easy and turn down the temperature of your styling iron. Make sure you get regular haircuts to help promote healthy hair growth. Every 6-8 weeks is perfect. Be gentle with your hair. Avoid extra hot showers since the hot water can strip your hair of natural oils. It may also be a good idea to wash your hair less to help reduce dryness. You can use dry shampoo between washes to keep your hair looking fresh.

Confident You

You deserve to feel confident in yourself, no matter your age. There are no rules that say we all have to adopt the hairstyles of our grandparents. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through your hairstyle. You’ve earned it.

Enjoy your hair,