A battle has been waged for decades in our industry to keep professional hair care products out of drugstores, supermarkets, and big box retailers. Although manufacturers work hard to ensure that products are sold only in salons, they are often defeated. Black market and counterfeit products continue to be diverted to other retailers. 
I bring this to your attention so that the next time you see a professional hair product in a non-salon retailer – big box or drug store – you may think twice about making a purchase. Here’s what you need to know:

There are no guarantees for non-salon products.

First, many manufacturers will only guarantee products purchased in a salon or by a hair professional. Products sold in big box or drug stores may be counterfeit, contaminated, or not even the product claimed on the label. It makes sense that manufacturers refuse to guarantee these questionable products.

It’s easy money to sell “whatever.”

There are people who want to make a quick buck and not legally. They fill containers with “whatever” ingredients and replicate the packaging of the real product. They sell the products to what we call “phantom beauty suppliers.”  What you end up buying may not be what you expect.  All manufacturers code their bottles with tracking numbers that can verify the authenticity of the product. The only way to verify the product is to buy it and send it to the manufacturer.

Less is not more…what savings?

Finally, many customers believe that they will save money when they buy products at a big box retailer or other non-salon store. This is just not the case. The average professional product sold in a store other than  a salon costs one to two dollars more than the salon price.  Most salons follow the suggested MSRP.

Remember, your hairdresser knows best.  By buying your hair care products from your local salon you will save a few dollars, get the real product, and support a local business.

Enjoy your hair!!