silver-hair-coloring-process Nowadays, icy white or silver hair is a trendy shade – a serious favorite due to its cool, modern look. It is also one of the most time consuming and labor-intensive hair color services. In most situations, it requires multiple sessions to achieve the desired level of silver. This one can’t be done in one visit or one day.  


Silver Hair: The Color Process

For your hair to achieve silver or icy white tone, we must first pre-lighten the hair. And if you’re starting with a dark base, it could take multiple sessions to achieve your desired level of silver. Lightening hair to extreme levels in one sitting can compromise its integrity and create damage. Regardless of the starting level of color, hair will naturally expose its warm undertones, which can be difficult to lift beyond the orange or yellow stages of lightening. There is no way around that.

Therefore, it takes more than one visit to achieve the look.  In the first phase, the hair should be lightened to a stage that is flattering, with the next lightening phase about a week later. In between these visits, the hair should have some deep conditioning treatments at home to add strength and moisture.

Silver Hair: The Reality

Your professional colorist can guide you through the process and manage your expectations. Sometimes those online photos have been edited and are not an accurate version of what is possible. You want your colorist to tailor silver hair for you so that you’re left with a shade that flatters your skin tone. Maintaining a silver hair color will require a certain amount of upkeep. Schedule regular touch-ups so that you can keep your hue looking as fresh as possible.

Bottom line: you may or may not be able to achieve silver hair. Furthermore, the chances of it ever happening in a day, well, you know what they say about Rome.

Enjoy your hair!


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