mickey-bolek-michael-anthony-salon-dcI’ve been a hair stylist for a long time (30+ years), but it’s still a wonderful experience every time a new client sits in my chair. One thing I tell every new client – “Talk to me and ask questions.” Our communication is the very best way for you to leave the salon with the satisfaction of your perfect hairstyle. 

I have learned how important it is for stylists to educate their clients about what to expect when they come to a hair salon.

1. You Can Talk With Us

There is no special hair lingo. We often hear from our clients that they do not know the “lingo” to describe what they are looking for during the consultation. There really isn’t a secret code or language. Just tell us what you want – photos help – and we’ll use our expertise and experience to ask the questions that make it happen. We do make use of math – basic addition when formulating colors and geometry when mapping out a haircut – but other than that we speak the same language as you.

2. Coloring Your Hair Is Complex

There is way more to color than just mix and apply. Coloring your hair involves chemistry and each option – single-process color, partial highlights, full highlights, and ombres – requires different formulas and techniques. We factor into our formulations the level of color we are starting with and the end color result, whether it’s lightening, darkening, or covering gray. We have to select the proportion of tones that will enhance, stay neutral or prevent brassiness in the desired result.

3. A Trim is a Haircut

There is no difference in the amount of work between a “trim” and a “cut.” When you go to the salon, you receive a consultation, shampoo, cut, and blow-dry. Although some people think of trim as taking less off than a haircut, there is no difference in the service provided for 1 inch or 6 inches. A trim is a haircut, and a haircut is a trim. Here’s what hairdressers say: “It is not how much I take off – it is what I leave behind that matters.”

4. Salon Products Give Quality

Yes, there is a difference between non-salon and professional hair care products. This is important to know. You may pay more for salon brands because they contain higher quality ingredients. Non-salon brand conditioners often contain synthetic waxes that will build up on hair and shampoos may have harsher detergents stripping the hair of its natural oils. They also may be diluted which means that you have to use more product for the same effect. So go ahead and treat yourself to what your hair deserves.

5. You and Your Stylist Are a Team

Your stylist wants you to look great. Why? We want you to come back. As a regular customer you benefit from the relationship we develop – we know your hair, personality, and lifestyle – that lets us maintain your head-turning hairstyle. We become a team. With good communication, you have the confidence to try different looks. And, of course, you are our best advertisement. Stylists want people to ask “Who does your hair?”

Remember, always ask questions! Communication is the key to getting the hairstyle that is unique to both your lifestyle and your hair needs.

Enjoy your hair,


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