Whenever I color, cut, or style someone’s hair I want the end result to be head-turning. I want perfect strangers saying, “I love your hair! Who is your stylist?”  I’m not alone. All top hair stylists know that successful hairstyles require a relationship with you, the customer. Here’s how we develop a bond that lasts.


1. I want you to look great! Why? I want you to come back. I have learned that, with regular customers, satisfaction is improved when I can get to know their hair, personality, and lifestyle. I want to build the kind of trust that allows you to try different looks, knowing that you never have to worry about a hairstyle disaster. And, of course, you are my best advertisement. I want people to ask “Who does your hair?”

2. We’re a team. I have the expertise, experience, and tools to create hairstyles that look great on you. You know yourself and what you like. Together we can rock! If you are adventurous and want to try bold effects and changes, I will make sure that you stay on the safe side of wonky. On the other hand, there is nothing more stylish than the perfect haircut. It’s all about communication.

3. Regular appointments are essential. Most hair grows about six inches a year. That’s about an inch every 8 weeks. If you want your hairstyle to look fresh, maintenance is required. Even if you are growing it out, your hair needs to be frequently trimmed. At Michael Anthony Salon we advise customers to schedule their regular appointments in advance. Why? Salons get busy and, much as we would like to, cannot always fit in a customer on short notice. It really does pay to have a regular maintenance schedule.

4. Salon products are the best. As experts in the hair care business, we select products that maximize and maintain the health and natural beauty of your hair. You leave the salon with a professional look that is a combination of your stylist’s technique and the products used. If you want to maintain that salon look with a home care routine, use our salon products. I can give you tips on techniques for home styling, but don’t expect the same performance from drug store products.

5. Your satisfaction is my goal. If you are unhappy with the results of a procedure, tell me! I can’t make it right if I don’t know there’s a problem. Remember that team thing? If we have been communicating well, chances are that there will not be a problem. But sometimes you just really don’t like the final look. We can work with that. I want you to leave the salon with a confident smile and a head-turning hairstyle. That’s the bond we share.

Enjoy your hair!


Michael Anthony Salon DC is considered by many to be the best in the entire DC metro region. We are passionate about doing hair and work with each and every client to create the look that is right for them. Led by Mickey – aka Michael Anthony – each of our stylists is a highly trained professional. Schedule an appointment and find out for yourself!