When you cut your hair, change your hairstyle, or try a new hair color, it can do more for your mood – for less money – than … hmm …”cashmere!”
So says guest blogger, Chelsea Henderson, back by popular demand.

Chelsea Henderson The Chelsea ChroniclesThere’s nothing more exciting than transition from one season to the next. Fall being my favorite season, this time of year makes me want to revamp my entire wardrobe. I want to trade in my sandals for boots and cloak myself in layers. I spend many a night perusing the online stores of my go-to shopping destinations filling my virtual carts with way more clothes than I could ever buy on a single paycheck.

We might not be able to purchase all new clothes with the change of each season, but there’s an easy and affordable way to freshen up your look for less than the cost of a cashmere sweater.

Hair has transformative powers. This you know if you have ever walked out the door feeling great only to get caught in a rainstorm. Or the opposite, the way you feel when you leave the salon after even the most modest of trims. The state of your hair alters your mood.

If this fall finds you longing for change, instead of over-stressing your credit card, why not try a bold new hairstyle or color? Do you spend more time than you like with a flat iron every morning? Why not embrace your curls? Have you worn the same bob for as long as you can remember? Ask for a touch of asymmetry. Instead of defaulting to your usual blonde highlights, try going red. You don’t have to lob six inches off your hair to experience change. Under the sage tutelage of salon owner Mickey Bolek, the expert stylists at Michael Anthony Salon can simultaneously push your envelope while staying in your comfort zone.

As for me, I have an appointment just a week away, and I’m debating a bold color change. Or perhaps it’s a heavy bang I seek. Regardless of how I look as I walk out the door, I have faith going in that Mickey understands what I want to do to my hair even better than I do.

And whatever he/we choose, I bet I can find the perfect cashmere sweater to complement his work.





Chelsea Henderson is a recovering hill staffer-turned-lobbyist for Vela Environmental. In her “spare” time, she writes a lifestyle blog, the Chelsea Chronicles, and is poised to launch a new styling service appropriately dubbed Cloakroom Style. Mickey Bolek (a.k.a. Michael Anthony ) has been tending to Chelsea’s hair for more than 13 years and has seen her through long, short, shorter, bobbed, bangs, red, blonde, brown and nearly black styles.