Think that cooler weather means burrowing in and covering up? Well stop that thinking right now! Fall and winter hair trends for 2012 are busting out … big time!

First, the word on curls is that they are BACK! Just when you thought the end of frizz season was in sight, I’m here to tell you that your “out of control curls” are all the rage this season. So don’t fight them, let’s embrace them together!hairstyles for curly hair are back | Michael Anthony Salon DC

Next … bangs are in. Not just a wisp of fringe, mind you. We’re talking BANGS. Big, bold, bangs.

Finally, think Color. Definitely. We always love color here at the Salon, but this season’s hair colors are not so much the “natural look” as playful, dramatic, and all about wearing your personality where everyone can see it. Show your courage. Make a hair color statement this season and tell the world a little more about who you really are. Have fun with it!

Not sure which way to go? Your stylist is here to help you make great choices and then make sure you have the right cut for your face shape, the right styling tips, and the right hair care products to keep your fun new look going after you walk out the door!

And remember. It is hair. You can swap out the look whenever you want; whenever the mood, or the season, reminds you that it is time for a change.

Enjoy your hair!

P.S. Watch the video that I did after checking out hair fashions on this season’s runways! And please comment and share. We love to know what you are thinking and what kinds of fun you are having with your hair! – Mickey