Curl Cult®, the new curl treatment system now offered at Michael Anthony Salon, is the first-ever protein and plex-infused texture treatment and product line. Created by Curl Cult®  founder Janine Jarman, it infuses PisumProtex™ (pea protein and plex technology) deep into the hair shaft, which allows us to create or manipulate texture with consistently beautiful results – softer and shinier than you’d ever expect from a traditional perm. This service is perfect for anyone who desires a wash & wear look that requires minimal maintenance.

To achieve your optimal look with Curl Cult®, the first step is a consultation with your stylist to discuss your desired curl pattern and the level of maintenance that you can manage, based on your lifestyle. Once your hair goals are established, your stylist will apply the Curl Cult® Texture service, which involves perming or texturizing the hair to create defined curls; they will then cut your hair in a way that enhances the natural curl pattern and allows for easy styling. As Curl Cult® aficionados (both stylists and clients) are fond of repeating, “This is not your Mama’s Perm!”


So what makes Curl Cult® different?

  • Vegan Ingredients
  • Thio-free Innovative Formula (No more rinsing & blotting)
  • No Unpleasant Odor (Dissipating scent)
  • Damage-Free Results (Natural & healthy)

Here are a few tips and tricks for maintaining your new textured Curl Cult® look. Let’s start with product selection – ask your stylist to help you select curl-enhancing products that are suitable for your hair type, which will help to define and hold the curls without weighing them down. Your drying technique is crucial to maintain the integrity of the curls. You can either let your hair air-dry or use a diffuser attachment on a low-heat setting to avoid frizz.

Minimal manipulation of your newly treated hair is best. Refrain from excessive brushing or combing to preserve the curl pattern and avoid touching your hair too much during the day. At night, consider replacing your cotton pillowcase with one made of silk or satin – it helps to reduce friction and prevent frizz while sleeping. Remember to schedule regular trims to keep the ends healthy and maintain the desired shape of your curly hairstyle.

Remember, consistency in using the right products and adopting a gentle styling approach will contribute to achieving a full wash-and-wear look with your Curl Cult® Texture service.

Enjoy Your Hair!!