Beautiful smiling woman, Michael Anthony Salon DCBalayage is a hair-coloring technique that gives you soft, natural-looking highlights that easily blend in as hair grows longer. It’s a French term which means to sweep or paint. It describes a unique effect on hair, one that gives you the most natural-looking highlights. It is commonly pronounced “bah-lee-ahge.” Another commonly accepted way to say it is “bah-lay-ahge.”

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During a Balayage service, the stylist applies the color free-handed. It allows a stylist to work as a true artist – your hair becomes the canvas, and the color brush is like a paintbrush. The desired results are natural-looking highlights that are low maintenance because they blend in as your hair grows.

Is Balayage the Same as Ombré?

A common misunderstanding is that the terms “balayage” and “ombré” can be used interchangeably. Not so. The critical difference between the two is that balayage is a hair-color technique, whereas ombré is a style. In the ombré style, lightness is concentrated at the ends of your hair. Ombre elevates the contrast between dark roots and light ends to an art form by adding layers and strands of darker and lighter colors in a way that creates a totally natural and high-style look. You can use balayage — the freehand paint method — to ombré your hair.

Woman sitting in a beauty salon with beautiful long red dyed hair with subtle blonde highlights at the endsWhat Are My Options for Highlighting?

Foil-highlighting is still a great option for highlighting your hair, but balayage brings in yet another way to go about it, depending on the look you want to achieve. Balayage is an excellent solution for transitioning hair through a “grow out” period or making it possible to go longer between color treatments. Balayage won’t need to be touched up or maintained as much as other hair color techniques because the look is very natural, as though you were born with it or just spent a lot of time allowing the sun to kiss your hair.

Wondering if it’s right for you? Next time you come in, just let your stylist know you have questions. He or she will listen and give you a professional perspective on your personal color preferences and discuss an at-home haircare routine once you receive any new color treatment.

Enjoy your hair!

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