If you’re an eyeglass wearer, you’ll know that it’s not always easy to get the right match between frame and hairstyle for your face shape. Haircuts and eyeglasses need to get along. It’s even more challenging for those whose glasses are “on and off” for various activities. There are times where hair and glasses collide and nothing looks balanced. Here are some tips to help you get a great look that works with or without your eyeglasses.

Bring Your Glasses to Your Appointment


Eyeglasses can completely change the look and balance of your facial features, so choosing a hairstyle that works with your eyeglasses is an important decision. Too many people treat their glasses like an afterthought – they get the “great cut” and then later add their specs. Wear your glasses during the consultation. Your stylist also needs to know if you wear glasses all the time or on an occasional basis. This information guides your stylist in shaping length, layers, and bangs.
If you wear your hair short, let your stylist use your glasses to determine how to trim the hair around your ears. The arms of your glasses can make that area of your hair stick out from the head. Even if you regularly wear contacts, you want to make sure the cut will look good with your glasses. The best time to fine tune is when your stylist is doing last minute touch ups to the cut.

Share Photos of Your Favorite Looks


Bring photos of cuts you like with models wearing frames similar to yours. A visual of what you want will help with both the styling and the color placement. Believe it or not, the color and size of eyeglass frames can change how you see your hair color. Maybe the color you want to be may not look so good if it clashes with the color of the frames.
You want a hairstyle that creates balance and harmony in your facial features. Eyeglasses are an important element in that process. Ask your stylist for tips on different ways to style your hair when you are wearing glasses. For example, if it doesn’t look great to have all you hair pinned up, try a half-up hairstyle. Curly or smooth?  You can work with both.

Enjoy your hair!