Michael Anthony Salon : The Truth About Curls

During any day at the Salon, I have at least one guest in my chair who wants to talk about curls. Some want to make them go away, while others dream of adding bounce and curl to their stubbornly-straight locks. Still others just want help managing them and keeping frizz under control.

All you curly-heads or curly-head-wannabes … this blog post is dedicated to YOU!

As a Michael Anthony Salon DC salon, we believe that Michael Anthony Salon DC is leading the way in the world of curly hair care. While Brazilian Blowouts may still be popular (and yes, long, straight, silky hair is gorgeous too!), curly hair is fabulous and very IN right now.

Whether you were born with curls or found yourself becoming curly along the path of life (as can sometimes happen), we want to help you bring them out in all their shining, non-frizzy glory.

The Truth about Curls

Michael Anthony Salon DC recently launched “The Truth About Curls,” a website dedicated to curls in all forms. You can connect on Twitter by tweeting the hashtag #curlconfession and telling them how you feel about your own curls. So go ahead, tell the truth!

Curly Haircuts

Curly hair has different requirements when it comes to cutting. For instance, curly hair needs layers in order to move. Lots of times when new curly-headed clients come into the Salon for the first time, they have barely any layers at all. You’ve seen the “triangle head” effect, right? Nobody wants it, so the question is how to get rid of it. Fortunately, it is easy and layering is the answer.

Proper layering and texturizing (thinning), helps to remove weight from dense, curly locks. It is important, though, that the weight not be removed from the ends. The professional stylists at Michael Anthony Salon will cut and layer a head of thick, curly hair in a way that leaves the weight of the ends to help each curl take its natural – and most flattering – shape. You’ll see the difference immediately (and you’ll love it!).

Innovative Curly Hair Products

When it comes to styling those bad boys (your curls, that is), we can suggest products that will tame and calm them into curl bliss. There’s no reason to use a styling product that leaves your curls in that not-so-pleasant “crunchy” state. Michael Anthony Salon DC’s Twirl Around curl-defining product will leave you with silky, shiny curls that bounce all day long.

The new Spring Loaded Detangling Shampoo and Full Circle Leave-in Treatment work together to create healthy, nourished curls that shine without looking weighed down, as some curl-enhancing products can do. Spring Loaded Detangling Shampoo is sulfate-free, which is important to maintain the integrity of your curls. Sulfates are essentially detergents that are responsible for the foaming action found in shampoo, but they can be harsh and strip your hair of its natural oils and moisture balance.

Got questions about your own curly do, or the one you long for? Talk with me or your stylist about it. We’ll help you find just the right solution.

Enjoy your hair!

P.S. from Mickey…

“If you haven’t already tried them, check out Michael Anthony Salon DC’s complete Curls line of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. We love them and think you will too!”