mens-haircut-2012The haircut for men has come a long way, “Baby”… from the days of “I’ll have a number 2 clipper on the sides and back!” Ask your stylist about what is new in men’s haircut trends. These are constantly changing and can be adapted for your personal style.

  1. Consider Hair Color or Grey Camo. Men’s haircolor is the fastest growing service in salons today. Grey Camo treatments blend hair to reduce the appearance of grey without looking unnatural. New color technology allows hair to grow out naturally. Subtle highlights to brighten and give that beach vacation look can also look natural.
  2. Don’t Worry About Not Knowing the Right Terms. If you are not sure what kind of haircut or style to ask for during a consultation, just let your stylist know what you did or did not like about your last haircut, how often you get a haircut, what you do for work, and the lifestyle you enjoy (or would if you could!). This is just the kind of information a stylist wants to hear, so that he or she can create a look that says YOU.
  3. Most easy-care styles need some product to look their best all day long. Ask your stylist: What products work best to create different looks with your cut? How do you use it to get those looks? What shampoo and conditioners are best for healthy hair?

Remember: Who doesn’t love a well groomed man?