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Summer Hair Doesn’t Have to be Frizzy Hair

Posted by Mickey B.



Summer is still wreaking havoc on hair  – humidity is spiking to new levels and hair is frizzing.  Before you give up and chop, know that there are ways for you to tame that frizz. A combination of salon treatments and home care will keep your hair healthy looking and manageable. 

Here’s what I recommend for controlling frizzy hair:

1. Skip the daily shampoo. Try to go at least a day between shampoos. The scalp produces natural oils that help fight frizzy hair and shampooing daily removes these oils. Unless you have an over-oily scalp, there’s no need to shampoo every day.

2. Use a conditioner.  A lot of us do not like conditioners because they make our hair flat. I, too, am guilty of that. But if you apply a good conditioner with UVA/UVB blockers to just the mid-shaft and ends of your hair, you can maintain healthier hair with fullness at the root. Still not liking conditioner? Have you tried a leave-in? There are many leave- in conditioners on the market that are light-weight and great for protecting the hair in the sun.

3. Do blow dry. Make sure you dry your hair 100 percent; any moisture left can automatically create frizz. Applying a heat protectant product before you dry will help keep the frizz at bay.

4. Use an in-salon treatment. For some, these simple adjustments to a daily hair care routine can help with frizz control. But if you have frizzy, kinky curls that resist – no, that fight – your efforts to control them, then you need a more serious intervention. I recommend the  Brazilian Blowout now available at Michael Anthony Salon DC.

And, in between salon visits, make sure that you keep your hair hydrated with moisturizing shampoos, conditioners and styling products. At your next appointment, ask your Michael Anthony Salon stylist about our line of R+Co products.

Enjoy your hair!

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