Michael Anthony Salon Tips for Beating Oily Hair WoesSo you’re having a problem with oily hair… or so you think. There can be lots of reasons behind having oily hair or oily skin just as there are many things that can lead to dry hair or skin.

The good news is that you have choices in solutions too! As a hair care professional who’s seen it all (and who also is “blessed” with oily skin from head to toe!), I can speak best to the options available and what some of them may mean for you. At the end of the day, how you choose to deal with oily hair is going to be as personal a choice as “paper or plastic,” or “Advil or Tylenol.”

Over-washing Hair: Fact or Fiction?

You may have heard that over-washing your hair can add to the problem. Or that sulfates in shampoo should be avoided at all costs. I don’t happen to believe either one of those things, nor do I think that there is a one-size-fits-all solution here. What matters is you, your hair’s unique needs, and your preferences.

As a person with oily hair and skin, I choose to wash my hair daily and I use a shampoo with sulfates in it to get that extra lather that thoroughly cleanses my scalp as well as my hair. That is my choice and it works great for me. There are those who would argue that daily washing prompts the scalp to replenish natural oils removed in washing (which it does, which is the point…), and therefore (they argue) daily washing may just reinforce the need to wash more often. The honest truth is that there is no one right way.

So what’s the deal with sulfates?

Sulfates are detergents that are contained in many shampoos. They bring that foaming action that so many people love because it makes them feel squeaky clean. Shampooing (with or without sulfates) removes natural oils. This is why it is so important to make sure you are also using the proper conditioner to replenish nutrients, proteins, and moisture levels each time you wash your hair.

“If you are concerned about dryness (for chemically-treated hair) one of our sulfate-free shampoos would be an alternative.”

Michael Anthony Salon DC Focus Salon

As a Michael Anthony Salon DC Focus Salon, we are committed to bringing you top-quality products. We offer many sulfate and sulfate-free shampoos that will nourish your hair while retaining the natural moisture balance of the hair and scalp. Michael Anthony Salon DC’s Awapuhi Wild Ginger, Blonde, Mitch, and Curls product lines all contain sulfate-free shampoos. All of our other Michael Anthony Salon DC shampoos contain sulfates and they are every bit as excellent. The choices are many!

Hair. Oil. Shampoo. Conditioner. They all go together. At Michael Anthony Salon, what we want for you is a system of haircare that fits your life and your preferences, and provides all the nutrients necessary to keep your hair – whatever its characteristics – in a peak state of health, shine, and conditioning.

Enjoy your hair!