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Überliss Professional Smoothing System

uberliss-smoothing-systemÜberliss is a premium 3-step smoothing system that guarantees immediate and superior results. Smooth and uniform hair via Überliss’ exclusive Triple Blend technology consisting of cysteine, keratin and buriti extracts. Proven volume reduction.

Über respect for the professional.

All Überliss products are formulated without formaldehyde, with safety testing of the salon environment conducted by an independent laboratory. Only a 3 step process.

Über respect for the hair.

Conditions the natural texture of hair, bringing out incredible softness and shine. Compatible with other chemical processes.

Überliss. Über Results.

Step 1. Uberliss Fiber Expander prepares hair for restructuring the fibers and expanding the cuticles, and acts as a conditioner for the cortex.
Step 2. Uberliss Fiber Restructure is a curl volume reducer that delivers a natural looking smooth effect, restructuring hair utilizing its exclusive Triple Blend treatment compound with keratin, cysteine and buriti. Repairs hair fibers leaving hair with a beautiful shine, soft texture, and silky look and feel with natural movement. Formaldehyde Free.
Step 3. Uberliss Nutritive Mask repairs damaged areas, strengthening and increasing the elasticity of the hair fiber. Deeply conditions hair with a combination of apple, lemon and buriti extracts. Restores the hair fiber by normalizing porosity, leaving hair shiny, soft and natural looking. Eliminates residual hair odor.

Überliss Maintenance System

Hydrating Shampoo
Sulfate-Free with Royal Jelly, Fruit Extracts & Keratin

Überliss Hydrating Shampoo is a sulfate free shampoo that gently cleanses hair without stripping its natural moisture. Leaves hair fibers easy to comb, re-hydrated, strengthened, and shiny.

Hydrating Conditioner
With Royal Jelly, Fruit Extracts & Keratin
Überliss Hydrating Conditioner helps to rehydrate hair fibers. Makes hair fibers easy to comb with exceptional shine. Strengthens hair fibers for more elasticity.

Natural, Botanical Ingredients

  • Ritu Oil
  • Orchid & Argan Oil Complex
  • Überliss Ritu Oil seals cuticles, creating softness and shine. Protects against thermal damage.

Considering an Uberliss treatment? Start by scheduling a complimentary 15-minute consultation to discuss the details and to determine the right level of service for your hair.  Request an appointment, now!

Introductory Offer! 

First-time Uberliss clients will receive a complimentary set of Uberliss Shampoo and Conditioner ($50 value).


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