Hey guys, when is the last time you changed your hairstyle?

Seriously. If you’re still sporting (or trying to sport) the same style you had in high school—-or college, or your first job, or when cuffed pants were in–it’s time for a change. Your haircut could be dating you without you even realizing it.

Updating your hairstyle doesn’t mean you have to change your mens haircut michael anthony salon capitol hill dcbasic look and identity; it just means keeping it current. But if you haven’t changed your men’s hairstyle in years, you’re not alone.

Here is a good rule of thumb to follow: whenever the trends in men’s suits, pants, ties and shirts change (width, lapels, buttons, cuffs, etc), it is time to consult with your hairstylist about changing trends in men’s haircuts too. What kind of haircuts are professionals and leaders in your industry sporting as men’s fashions change?

Another way to get ideas is to look at hip hairstyles on men like George Clooney. George looks like he walked out of a modern Michael Anthony Salon DC Hair salon. Clooney’s look is not flashy or extreme; it is current. His hairstyle and hair color would be very appropriate for a man in Congress – his appearance commands respect. He has a men’s haircut that is short and conservative, yet relaxed – perfect for his face, age and lifestyle.

As you begin to notice men’s haircuts — from conservative to “out there” — think about what might look good on you. Notice what looks good on some men and what you don’t like. I can guarantee that there are more men than you think that are also looking at hairstyles for men in a new way.

So talk to your hair stylist. Let him or her know you are thinking of a change, and discuss your ideas and get their recommendations. It’s perfectly okay to skip the barbershop and schedule an appointment at the hair salon. In fact, there are more men today than ever before who are choosing a stylist to get that perfect and up-to-date look.

Enjoy your hair!