In my career I have seen many hair trends come and go. Some of those trends keep reappearing every few years. Teased crowns, flipped bobs, boldly streaked highlights, and bangs keep returning but with new twists and a more modern vibe.

Mickey Bolek Reminisces About 80's HairThe one trend that we keep avoiding is 80’s hair. Yes those spiral permed, crimped mullet, spiked, over teased bang trends are things that make us go yuck. But I see them creeping in to our lives without us even knowing it.

For instance, look at the latest cut from Miley Cyrus, and Pink’s rockin do. These are examples of eighties hair. I know I have seen that cut on many of MTV videos.

Crimping irons are returning to our profession to give stylists more options to create different textures. Another flash from the past I have seen trending in the fashion world is bolder color. Remember Cyndi Lauper and Annie Lennox? Their color was fun, not natural looking.

“Well for sure ‘gag me with a spoon!!’… more daring color is VERY IN RIGHT NOW and still … it is so like 80’s inspired.”

Mickey Bolek on 80's Mens Hair

Guys – don’t feel left out of the party. There are some cool things happening for you as well. No not those nasty 80’s hair band looks; they were nasty then and are still nasty now. Think modern pompadours, surfer dude inspired styles and cuts that take us back to Morrissey, George Michael, and David Bowie.

So all things do come full circle and I for one loved the 80’s and I am embracing this new resurgence. Remember: just because it was bad then does not mean it can’t be updated now.

Enjoy your hair!