beauty-sleep-michael-anthony-salon-dc“I need to get my beauty sleep” is more than just a catchy phrase. The proper amount of sleep can do wonders for your health, but today’s stresses and demands can make it hard to get enough of it. Here are some benefits of a good night’s sleep, as well as how to bring more rest back into your routine.

Benefit One: More Youthful Skin

Did you know your skin produces collagen while you sleep? It’s true! Collagen is what keeps your skin plump, warding off wrinkles. The proper amount of sleep is different for each individual, but the average that experts agree on is between 7-9 hours for adults. Consistently losing just a couple of hours of sleep can lead to the development of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Benefit Two: A Healthier Complexion

While you sleep, blood flow is boosted, leading to a glowing complexion. By losing sleep, you are depriving your skin of this glow-boosting benefit. Sleep deprivation can lead to a sallow appearance and duller skin.

Benefit Three: No Puffy Eyes or Dark Circles

If you miss sleep, puffy eyes and dark undereye circles are probably the first things you notice, but why does lack of sleep cause these? Lack of sleep can cause fluid to build up around your eye area, leading to those unsightly bags. Remember how sleep can boost blood flow? The opposite happens when you are sleep deprived, meaning that blood flow is constricted, leading to dark circles.

Benefit Four: More Glamorous Hair

It’s easy to see how sleep benefits your skin, but you may be surprised that it can do the same thing for your hair. Lack of sleep can lead to hair breakage and slower growth. Your hair follicles gain nutrients from blood flow, which we have already discussed happens at night. Lack of sleep can also lead to increased stress levels that directly impact hair health.

Tips for Catching More ZZZs

Now that we have seen how vital sleep is for your appearance and your overall health, here are some ways to make it easier to get more of it.

Make Your Bedroom an Oasis

If you want to get more sleep, make sure your bedroom promotes rest. A dark room will allow your circadian rhythm to regulate, keeping you in a deep sleep. Keep distractions to a minimum. Blue light will keep you awake, so turn off the phone or tablet several hours before you settle into sleep. Cooler temperatures can help you sleep as well, so use a ceiling fan for air circulation, and turn down the thermostat. If you live in a noisy area, download a white noise app, or invest in a white noise machine to drown out the distractions.

You Sleep the Way You Eat (and Drink)

If you are sensitive to caffeine, limit your consumption to daylight hours, avoiding it about six hours before bedtime to allow your system to metabolize it. Make sure you aren’t too full or too hungry before bedtime. A heavy meal takes a while to digest, which can make it difficult to fall asleep. On the other hand, if you are hungry, it can be almost impossible to sleep. Eating a light snack before bed can help you feel drowsy.

If you have tried some of these without success or you are experiencing any conditions preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep, be sure to consult with a medical professional.

Sleep is truly a beauty booster and can help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Our team at Michael Anthony Salon can help you take your natural beauty and give it a boost, as well. If you are ready for a new look or simply need to refresh your current one, contact us today to book an appointment.

Sleep well… and enjoy your hair,