smiling-eyes-face-mask-michael-anthony-salon-dcWe are all learning to adjust to the new masked world we live in. While masks may offer protection, they also have some unwanted side effects. Fogged glasses, skin breakouts, and ear discomfort are common gripes, but there is a bigger problem – no smiles. In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to give the reassurance of a smile to those around us. Here are five ways to reveal your smile, even when it is hidden under your mask. 

1. Be More Expressive

A slight curving of the lips is no longer enough to ensure that people will know when you smile. While a smile is a universal sign of happiness, humor, and welcoming vibes, it is not the only way to express your feelings. When you are smiling behind your mask, find additional ways to express yourself. A thumbs-up, wave, or nod of the head can convey your good feelings toward others even when your smile is hidden.

2. Watch Your Words

Spoken words can come across differently when you don’t see the facial expression behind a mask. Be aware that others cannot see your smirk when you release a playful or sarcastic zinger – some people may not get the sarcasm without seeing your smile. Watch your words and be more deliberate about what you mean to ensure your real message is received.

3. Focus on Smiling with Your Eyes

A lazy smile is not enough when your smile is hiding behind a mask. You need to make sure that a smile is reaching your eyes. For some people, this may take practice. When you smile, focus on revealing this with your eyes. Your eyes naturally close slightly as the cheeks press upward, creating smiling eyes that let others see your emotion.

4. Over-Accentuate Your Smile

When you have a big smile, your whole face is involved. The chin shifts down, the cheeks move up, and the eyes crinkle. Make an effort to turn small smiles into big smiles to let others “see” your smile with the movement of your face under your mask and the tell-tale changes in your eyes.

5. A Wink and Smile

There has never been a better time to incorporate a wink or eyebrow raise with your smile. After months of wearing masks, most people are getting better at catching subtle expressions that reveal emotion. A wink or raised eyebrow can relay that hint of a smile or smirk. Focus on using your eyes and eyebrows to convey your feelings – you may be surprised how easily you can express your smile even with your mouth hidden from view.

And I’ve just got to add… when your hair looks greatand you know it – those smiles will come easily.

Enjoy your hair (and your smile),


When you visit us at Michael Anthony Salon, expect to see us smile when you walk through the door. While you may not see the customary upturned lips and flash of teeth, look at our eyes and you’ll know we are happy that you chose us for your styling needs. Let’s all make an effort to unmask our smiles and comfort each other through this strange time.