We all have one. Face shape is determined by the shape of the skull and the hairline – not body weight. There is no such thing as a “perfect” face shape; there are many face shapes and they are all good. Our goal at Michael Anthony Salon is to style your hair in a way that enhances your unique features and your total look.

So what kind of face shape do you have?common face shapes

Here is a chart that illustrates the most common face shapes–triangle, inverted triangle, diamond, square, rectangle, and heart.

Try this to see if you can tell which face shape you have:

  • Pull your hair back off of your face.
  • If your forehead is wider than your chin you have a triangle shaped face;
  • add a widows peak in the middle of your hairline you have a heart shaped face;
  • A wider chin, jaw area is an inverted triangle shaped face;
  • A diamond-shaped face has wider cheeks with narrow forehead and chin.
  • Square-shaped faces look the same width as length;
  • A round-shaped face is fuller and wider than an oval-shaped face;
  • And a rectangle or oblong-shaped face is long and narrow

As professional stylists, whether we are cutting or coloring we are always looking where to add or remove weight or fullness, or add dark or lighter colors to achieve just the right balance for you. I call it achieving “your best face-shape effect.”

Next time you meet with your stylist, here at Michael Anthony Salon in DC, or wherever you are located, ask about your face shape and ways to maintain your best hairstyle for your shape, in-between visits.

Enjoy your hair!

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