While red was hands-down the go-to hair color last autumn, this fall has seen TikTok taking it up a notch – to a fabulous new shade called Cowgirl Copper. This trending hair color phenomenon, with its wild west-influenced style and fiery, rustic charm is perfect for anyone who’s looking to wrangle some attention of their own. Even if this isn’t your first rodeo with red tones, read on for more specifics on cowgirl copper hair, how to achieve the look, and important tips on maintenance.

What is Cowgirl Copper Hair Color?

Cowgirl copper hair color, sometimes referred to as “desert sunset” or “rustic red”, is a gorgeous blend of a warmer, less-vivid red hue with golden undertones of bronze and fiery orange, reminiscent of a sunset over the rugged lands of the American Southwest. This hair color evokes a distinctive, earthy allure that works especially well when applied to natural brunettes or redheads, though blondes can certainly make this transition as well.

The Essentials of Maintaining Cowgirl Copper Hair

  1. Limit Washing: Try to limit shampooing to every other day or use dry shampoo in between washes, as over-washing will gradually strip your beautiful copper tones.
  2. Use Color-Protecting Shampoo: Investing in a high-quality color-protecting shampoo and conditioner (ask your stylist!) will help to prevent fading and maintain the vividness of the copper tones.
  3. Regular Touch-Ups: To keep your cowgirl copper looking fresh, schedule regular touch-up appointments with your hair colorist to provide a solution to fading or regrowth. Depending on the rate at which your hair grows, your stylist can recommend an appropriate schedule for touch-ups.
  4. Sun Protection: Like the scorching sun of the western desert, UV rays can fade your color. Keep your copper hair looking vibrant by protecting it from the sun’s harmful effects. Wear a hat (a fashionable cowgirl-style, anyone?) or use a UV-protectant hair product.

If you’re ready to capture the essence of the adventurous western spirit, to channel your inner cowgirl or cowboy and make a bold style statement, this fiery copper hue could be a perfect choice. By working with one of our skilled colorists (and following the proper maintenance routine), you can rock this cowgirl copper look. Time to saddle up, ride into the sunset with your stunning copper locks, and turn heads wherever you go!

Enjoy Your Hair!!