No doubt, you’ve seen all the warnings about cutting your own hair. You’ve probably also seen movies where some deeply unhappy, long-haired beauty suddenly decides to change her whole entire life and – VOILA – a-bunch-of-hair-on-the-bathroom-floor-later, she emerges looking like the cutest little pixie you’ve ever seen. Umm…not really.

cutting-own-hair-michael-anthony-salon-dcTake a deep breath and relax. Maybe try meditating before picking up the scissors.

Hair grows an average of ½ inch in a 30-day cycle. By the time salons are reopened your hair will have grown an inch, give or take. That’s not a lot of growth when you think about it.

I know you really want to cut your bangs. I say if it makes you feel better, DO IT! But PLEASE wait for us before giving yourself an all-over cut.

So for your bangs only… follow my advice and all will be well.

  1. DO NOT cut your bangs or hair while drinking.
  2. Use sharp scissors. Dull kitchen scissors will lead to split and frayed ends.
  3. Take smaller sections than you think.
  4. When combing your hair in front of your face, don’t hold the hair with too much tension. Doing so will guarantee that your bangs pop up shorter than you expect.
  5. Pinch the section of hair together making a V just below the bridge of your nose close to the middle.
  6. With not too much tension, cut the hair below your fingers NOT above, when you release the hair it should naturally leave a subtle arc.

At this point, if your bangs are still too long let the hair hang naturally and freeform the hair to your desired length. Remember longer is better. You can always cut more but if you go too short you will have to wait for the hair to grow.

Hang in there!  We will return with love, elbow bumps and absolutely NO judgment for anything you may have done to your hair at home.

Enjoy your hair,