Maybe it’s because I “do hair.”  But I am always mystified by the tendency for those who “wear hair” to look for a bargain haircut. It doesn’t make sense to shop for the best fashion and then cut corners at the hair salon. Why? Unlike those great boots or designer label pants, you wear your haircut every day. 


A good haircut takes time and attention.

Let’s be honest. Salons that offer bargain haircuts depend on volume, meaning as many heads as possible. They offer quick service with cookie cutter styling. A stylist who has to hurry your cut may not have time for your best look. A creative stylist in a salon that advertises customized styling will  spend  time crafting that look, just for you.
Good haircuts begin with one essential step that has nothing to do with scissors the initial consultation. A top hair stylist will talk with you – and listen – to learn about your lifestyle activities, hair care routines and preferences. He or she will take stock of your hair type, hair condition, face shape, skin tones and other physical features that may determine the best hair styles on you. You’ll feel the difference right away when your stylist is taking his time and paying you the attention you deserve.

Are you getting the best for the price?

Having your stylist really get to know you and your hair and work with you to consistently achieve the look you want is a benefit that is priceless.  A great haircut will never reach its potential without education and direction from the stylist. There is a lot to know about tools, products, styling techniques, maintenance, conditioning and how to complement the cut with hair color and makeup.

Here’s what you can expect from  a good salon:

  • Consultation with a stylist before any service
  • Customized styling, no cookie cutter cuts
  • Unlimited attention and time to make it perfect
  • Stylists up to date on latest techniques and trends
  • Master tips on how to get certain texture effects

Remember, a good haircut is an investment in your appearance. The quality of the cut is a culmination of the stylist’s experience, expertise, skills, training and creative vision. Once you put that into perspective, you really are paying for what you get. And you are worth it.

Enjoy your hair!