Who needs a headline when you have a head of hair telling you exactly what’s going on outside?! When your hair has no volume, more frizzies than you can stand, and you are seized by that “ugh-I-want-to-cut-my-hair-off” feeling you know it is hot and humid!

I feel your pain. I have a very oily scalp and at this time of year by midday my hair can look like an oil spill if I do not use the right hair products to style my hair or if I do not use any products at all.

As seasons change from cool to hot we change our wardrobe. Our hair also needs a change of “clothes”. Just like we jettison the sweaters and long pants for tank tops and shorts, winter hair care and products should give way to special summertime treatments.

If, for instance, you have fine, limp, straight hair (like I do!) then it takes stronger, firmer holding gels, sprays, and pomades to hold a hairstyle during the dog days of a DC summer.

If, on the other hand, your out-of-control hair is super thick and/or curly, you have some other options. You could go with a short summer cut, but that is a drastic move if extreme weather is the only factor. Instead, try adding more moisture to your hair and that will help with controlling frizzies. More moisture can help keep the hair you spent time blow drying and flat ironing from curling back up too quickly.

If you are a person who colors your hair you definitely need more UV protection and moisturizing shampoos and conditioners for your hair.

Summer is a rough time of year for hair. Hang in there, follow more of my summer hair care tips, and remember in a few months we will all wish it were hot again! Then I will talk to you all about static and hat hair.

Enjoy your hair!

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