hair-color-michael-anthony-salon-dcWe do a lot of hair color at Michael Anthony Salon DC. Over time, we have learned that each client brings a unique situation to our job as colorists. We work with all our clients to make sure they leave the salon with the hair color they love. Here are some tips that will help you and your colorist give you the best hair color you can ask for.

Why Do I Need a Consultation?

The time of the consultation appointment is essential. If possible, an advance consultation before your first visit is recommended, but not required. Our stylists plan extra time for the consultation for first-time clients. During that time, it is important to show your colorist some pictures of what you are seeking – the color effect that inspires you. These images give them an idea of what products and techniques they will use to achieve the results you desire. Be realistic!  The pictures you share should be a reference. Since the coloring was most likely not done by your colorist, he or she will be using their own experience and expertise to match the look.

Do I see Red?

During the process of coloring there is a chance that underlying warm tones in your hair will be exposed. Many people see this warmth as red even when no red exists. It is usually yellow or gold or, occasionally, brassy orange. If you want to avoid seeing any red tones, make sure that your colorist knows what you mean by “red.”  This information will help him when selecting the right tone to apply to your hair.

Not All Color is Equal!

If you have color in your hair, especially if you have been coloring your hair at home, you need to fess up and tell the colorist. Not all color products are made with quality ingredients. When professional color is applied to some drugstore box color, bad results can happen. You can avoid this uncomfortable situation by telling your colorist about your DIY coloring in advance. Remember that most professionals can detect color in your hair even if you swear there is not.

How Clean for Color?

For color to work correctly the hair should be clean, but not too clean. Ideally you should shampoo your hair the day before getting color. If you are on a 2 to 3-day shampoo schedule, you are fine not shampooing your hair before your color service. But if you go 4 or 5 or more days between shampoos, please be sure to wash your hair on the day before your color service. This will guarantee predictable results. Color will not do its job if the hair and scalp are too dirty.

Enjoy your hair!