michael-anthony-salon-men's-haircut-stylesThere’s nothing like the promise of a new season to make men want to clean up their hair styles. Spring 2014 brings a return to classic barbering style – clean sharp lines – with a twist. Here’s an update from Michael Anthony Salon’s Mickey Bolek:

Your hair makes a statement about you.  More than wardrobe, your hairstyle is your distinguishing feature. If you work in an office you will want a professional look; if not, or after hours, you can try out some of the trendier hairstyles. The good news is that this season’s hottest men’s haircut styles are versatile enough to be both clean cut and edgy.

The Undercut Has Fringe on Top

The undercut – close cropped back and sides with long on top – looks good on just about everyone and is versatile enough to accommodate many stylistic variations. There is literally something for everyone in this basic cut.  Any great hairstyle is a combination of cut and styling. Start with the best basic cut and work with your stylist to craft some unique looks that you can wear for work and play.

  • Style slick, straight back or to one side.
  • Add a side part – vintage Mad Men style – or take it to the next level with an angular cut.
  • Keep short crisp sides and with fringe heavy and long  for a modern pompadour.
  • Exaggerate your fringe for a truly unique style with a quiff – a combination of 1950’s style pompadour, flat top and bit of Mohawk.

Style It Your Way With MITCH by Michael Anthony Salon DC

This may be the season that hair fashion got its edge back. Fringe styles with options that go from cool and crisp to all out rockabilly inspired sweeps are here.  Our styling products are just right for each of your unique styles.

  • MITCH Clean Cut Semi-Matte Styling Cream can add just the right amount of style to your hair while keeping up a clean-cut look.
  • MITCH Reformer Matte Finish Texturizer can bring out lots of texture in your fringe styling while keeping the style matte and even giving a boost to fine and thin hair types.

If you’ve never worked with styling products (a bit of gel doesn’t count), it’s time to give it a try. We enjoy educating our clients on at-home hair care to duplicate the look you leave the salon with at home. Michael Anthony Salon DC’s line of men’s products are easy to work with and will quickly have you embracing your new haircut – clean cut or edgy or both!

Enjoy your hair!