Since reopening the Salon, we’ve welcomed many dozens of clients back into our chairs. I’ve got to say, it is a true joy to be back at work and seeing so many of you in person again. I’ve also got to say, we haven’t seen as big a demand for DIY repair as we were – and still are – prepared to see. Most of you toughed it out and just put up with the extra length and/or the stripe-at-the-crown, with regal grace. Way to go!

But having said that, we still want anyone  who may be reluctant to show their handiwork, to know that we won’t judge if you did resort to box color, or got a little carried away with the scissors, or let your spouse or roommate “help.” Total AMNESTY! Come on in and we’ll gladly just get you back on track with the level of care and service that you have become accustomed to at Michael Anthony Salon.

For the sake of your hair and the next treatments we provide, please let us know about any coloring or other chemicals you may have used on your hair. It’s important that we know so that we can make adjustments, if needed, to prevent any surprise outcomes. Our stylists are color professionals and are here to help you experience the joy of your hair again!

It will be great to see you.

Enjoy your hair,


P.S. And remember… everyone’s health comes first! We have implemented a series of guidelines and precautions for anyone coming into the salon. Masks are required for everyone at the salon as are temperature checks before your appointment. If you have any symptoms, do not feel well, have reason to believe you have been exposed, or been advised to self-quarantine or self-isolate, please contact us to reschedule your appointment. Lots of extra protections have been put in place for everyone’s health and safety, but whatever we do, we also know that there is an inherent risk in going into any social setting. We can’t entirely social distance AND provide hair services. Use your best judgment and we’ll see you when you are comfortable and ready!