Spring brings all kinds of new trends in hair care. Some people have substituted a water rinse or conditioner for shampoo. This trend is fueled by a belief that shampooing is bad and that your hair will be healthier and shinier by letting its natural oils do the work. That is not entirely true. You may actually do more harm and have fewer benefits than you think.

Here are my thoughts on this hair care trend:

Shampooing prevents hair loss.

One of the major causes for thinning hair is the buildup of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). When DHT accumulates in the hair follicle it prevents new hair from growing. Cleansing your scalp on a regular basis is necessary to prevent or slow down hair loss caused by DHT. This will help to keep the follicle open and allow strong healthy hair to grow.

Conditioner is no substitute for a cleanser.

In my opinion, using just conditioner to cleanse your hair and scalp is not a good idea. Why? Because conditioner is not a cleanser. Conditioners may contain silicones and/or waxes that are synthetic and do not rinse easily out of the hair. You may end up with the appearance of greasy, dirty hair and scalp. Consider instead a cleansing conditioner that will do an excellent job of washing the scalp. Ask your stylist for a recommendation.

Regular shampooing doesn’t have to be daily.

I am not suggesting that you should shampoo every day. I envy those who don’t have to shampoo daily. Shampooing your hair on a regular basis – even every two or three days – will yield more benefits than not shampooing at all. Having a clean, healthy scalp is the key to great hair. Think of it like washing your face. You are removing dirt, grime, oil, and bacteria from the skin and then replenishing with moisturizers. Most of us would not go a day without washing our face. Hair and scalp are no different.

In the end, shampooing will give you full, bouncy hair that shines and moves and not hair that looks greasy and weighed down. And if you want to see more hair on your head and less in the drain, just shampoo your hair more often. Your scalp will thank you.

Enjoy your hair!

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