“What person in their right mind wouldn’t want this hair??!”

Mickey Bolek on How to Get Head Turning HairCapitol Hill Hair Salon owner, Mickey Bolek (Michael Anthony Salon) shares tips on joining forces with your stylist to find your own best personal hair style.

That is the question I ask myself when I finish a client’s hair. Whether I color, cut, or style someone’s hair I want the end result to be something that will turn heads and have perfect strangers saying, “ I love your hair! Who is your stylist?”.

So the real question is ‘how do you get that hair?’ …that head-turning, everybody-wants-to-know-your-secret hair? Let me tell you.

Easy as 1 + 2 + 3…

1) Inspiration from others + 2) your stylist’s expertise + 3) your personal style = a head-turning hair style just for YOU!

1) Inspiration From Others

Next time you go to your hair appointment bring images of haircuts and styles that make you tingle (in a good way). The perfect look for you will probably not exist in one picture. You may like the bangs of one look, the length of another, the layers or color in other pictures. Put all of these together and there’s a good chance it will be the perfect look for you!!

And remember that a change in season can inspire a change in your hair “wardrobe” too!

2) Your Stylist’s Expertise

Hair stylists know hair. We can tell a lot about yours almost as soon as you sit down in the chair. Texture, thickness or thinness, density, natural curl or straightness, cowlicks, head shape, and more. When we spot damage we know how to deal with it and can recommend tips, treatments and products to turn it around.

When you are talking with your stylist remember this one important thing. We can cut a shape into your hair but we can’t cut the style. To get the style will require at-home blow drying and styling. Ask your stylist what products will help achieve the look and what techniques you can use to make the styling easy.

We also know that your hair needs a hair style that will work in your real life. So getting to know YOU, really helps us.

3) Your Personal Style

You don’t need to have special “hair lingo” to describe to your stylist what you are looking for; just tell us a few simple things about you:

  • How often do you blow-dry your hair?
  • How frequently do you shampoo?
  • What are a few ways you describe your life style? (casual, all-business, outdoorsy, social, organized, soccer mom, dance club diva, reserved, outrageous …)
  • What is your career or the way you spend most of your waking hours?
  • Do you take time to freshen up your look during the day or between functions?
  • Do you like to change your whole look from time to time? (length, color, shape, style, fashion …)
  • How invested are you in maintaining the look you want?

A few final words…

The sad news is there are times that we won’t be able to give you exactly what you want based on your own hair’s length, texture, and density. Not all hair types and head shapes lend themselves equally well to every style. What you admire on another person, simply may not work the same on you, or fit into the maintenance routine of your real life. But you might be surprised how often we come through, when we follow these steps together, as a team.

Enjoy your hair!


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Note: This blog was originally published on June 14, 2012. Mickey’s advice is still right on target and well worth sharing again.