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Leaf and Flower

When the days get humid, do you find yourself worried that your hair will frizz up? Or perhaps your hair has been damaged by exposure to chemicals, too much heat, or pollutants in the environment. Restore your hair’s natural beauty with hair products from Leaf + Flower.

CBD-Charged for the Health of Your Hair

Stylists developed Leaf + Flower hair products for stylists and their clients. Implementing the natural benefits of CBD, these products provide you with results you can see and feel. Whether you want to tame the curls, lose the frizz or repair hair affected by mechanical damage, Leaf and Flowers CBD-charged products will give you outstanding results.

Clean and Condition

Cleanse and condition your hair with Leaf + Flower’s CBD Instant Damage Correction shampoo and conditioner. Dry, damaged, and color-treated hair gets luxury treatment with this formula infused with a proprietary plant-based CBD Corrective Complex. The specially-formulated sulfate-free shampoo cleans your hair while correcting damage caused by the elements and over-processing.

Split ends are only a part of abused hair. When cracks develop in the outside layer and begin to lift, your hair may experience even more adverse effects with breakage. The natural sheen disappears, and your hair can become hard to manage, look fizzy and dull. Leaf + Flower CBD Instant Damage Correction shampoo not only cleans dirt away, but it also restores damaged hair and brings back the shine.

Strengthen your hair with Leaf + Flower Instant Damage Correction Conditioner. Also, with a proprietary plant-based CBD Corrective Complex, the conditioner is a preventive measure to eliminate breakage. Your hair becomes more manageable, healthier, and full of vitality.

Stop the Frizz

Humidity can be your worst enemy when it comes to hair. Fight off the frizz with Leaf + Flower CBD Instant Frizz Remedy. The hydrophobic properties of Leaf + Flower CBD Instant Frizz Remedy will leave your hair silky smooth despite damp weather.  Enriched with a proprietary, plant-based CBD Corrective Complex that permeates the hair shaft, this product repairs damage and restores a beautiful luxurious sheen to your hair.

The 7-Minute Blowout

When time is of the essence, depend on Leaf + Flowers CBD 7-Minute Blowout to give you a look you want in less than ten minutes. Protect your hair, use less heat, and minimize mechanical hair damage. Leaf + Flowers CBD 7-Minute Blowout has dual-active thermal technology enhanced with a proprietary, plant-based CBD Corrective Complex. Damaged hair is repaired and replenished as you dry your hair. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to beautiful, bouncy hair with a glowing shine.

Leaf + Flower CBD Corrective Complex is available in a variety of hair and skin products. Ask our stylists about Leaf + Flower.