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Keune Q and A

Below are a set of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the new Keune color and retail lines. If you have a question that is not covered, please let us know and we will do our best to answer it:

Q: Why did you choose Keune?
A: When we looked at the possibility of changing hair care lines and offering additional choices for take-home products, we evaluated several different possibilities. Of the ones we looked at, not only did we find Keune products and color, along with the ingredients and technology behind the color, to be superior to other options out there, but we also found that their values, education, and support for small businesses best met our needs.

Q: What is special about Keune color?
A: Keune color provides superb conditioning for the hair, with a nice silky shine, as well as durability with UV protection and color stabilizing technology, resulting in vibrant, long-lasting colors. Specifically, their color features Triple Color Protection, with Silk Protein that repairs and nourishes damaged hair, Solamer UV Protector that shields the hair from UV damage and color fading, and LP 300 Color Stabilizer that better binds the pigments into the hair structure, resulting in longer-lasting color.

Q: Change makes me nervous. How do I know I will like this?
A: Our stylists are highly-trained professionals with years of experience with hair and color. Each stylist has worked with various color lines in the past and understands how color works with hair – regardless of the type of color used. In addition, we have received exceptional training, education, and support from Keune. If you have any questions whatsoever, we encourage you to discuss them with your stylist. And, as always, if you are ever not happy with any results at our salon, regardless of the reason, let us know and we will go above and beyond to make sure you are ultimately happy with your hair. In the end, we are confident you will love Keune as much as we do.

“I was very happy to let Mickey test Keune color on me. I loved the result. The color stayed vibrant and shiny with minimal fading. I got more compliments on my color than I usually receive. I immediately requested that Mickey use Keune color for my future color services.” – Catherine

Q: I love Michael Anthony Salon DC. Why change?
A: We love Michael Anthony Salon DC, as well, and still think highly of their color and products. However, there were a few areas we felt could use some improvement and we believe we have found it with Keune. Not only does the color exceed our expectations for being long-lasting and vibrant, but we also feel Keune is a better fit for partnering with our small business, sharing many of our values and providing top-notch education and support for our stylists.

Q: Will you be able to duplicate my color with Keune?
A: Absolutely! Our stylists are professionals and will know how to translate your Michael Anthony Salon DC formula into Keune. We cannot guarantee it will be an absolute exact match, as there may be very subtle differences, but whatever differences we have noticed have resulted in more vibrancy and longer-lasting color.

Q: Will you continue to have Michael Anthony Salon DC products for sale?
A: No, with a few exceptions. For the last year, we have been diversifying our product offerings based on client demand and feedback – including offering R+Co and Brazilian Blowout products. With the introduction of Keune, we will no longer be offering most Michael Anthony Salon DC products. However, we may keep a few best-selling Michael Anthony Salon DC products in stock and will always be re-evaluating our lineup of products. If you have a favorite Michael Anthony Salon DC product , we will be happy to special order it for you and have it at the salon in one to two business days (in fact, this is true for many different brands – if we don’t have it in stock, feel free to ask, and we can usually have it ready for pick-up within a day or two).

Q: Is Michael Anthony Salon still a Michael Anthony Salon DC Salon?
A: No. Michael Anthony Salon DC has various levels of salons – from “Select” to “Focus”. We had previously been a Michael Anthony Salon DC Focus Salon, which meant that we exclusively used Michael Anthony Salon DC color and sold only Michael Anthony Salon DC products. This worked for us for many years, but as we grew, we found clients wanting more options. When we began to offer a greater variety of retail options, starting with the introduction of R+Co, we became a Michael Anthony Select Salon. Now that we are changing our hair color line, we will no longer be a Michael Anthony Salon DC Salon.