mickey-bolek-mas-dc-michael-anthony-salonLately, I have seen a lot of chatter on the internet comparing DIY (do-it-yourself) hair coloring with in-salon professional  services. It seems that the main argument in favor of DIY is the cost savings. While you may save some money, there are more things to consider when deciding how to color your hair. From Michael Anthony Salon in DC, here’s my opinion on the topic.

Non-salon color brands are skillfully marketed. Their message is that you have the power and knowledge to do what a professional has been trained to do. If you choose to color your hair at home to save money it’s understandable, but buyer beware. When you go to the local drugstore or grocery, are you sure you know what you are buying?  Here are some things to consider:

Finding your dream on the package…

The girl on the box looks great…a perfect likeness of what you want. You might be able to forget that the image of her hair has been photo-shopped or otherwise enhanced. That image is designed to make you think you can get the flawless style and color by just using the product. No guarantees or easy fixes come with the box. Take a close look at that box. What information is available about the ingredients?  Does it tell you everything you need to know about the process and the result? How do you know it will work? Remember, with DIY, you’re on your own.

Finding the real thing in the salon…

Unless you are a trained, licensed cosmetologist, you bring a disadvantage to shopping for a hair color product. For starters, the average person doesn’t know their natural hair color. Yeah, yeah, you may think you’re blond or brunette, but the truth is that hair color is way more complex than that. It’s not easy to know which DIY color will give you the effect you are seeking.

It’s chemistry, remember? The age of the product, it’s ammonia content, and the specific preservatives used will each alter your hair differently. Box color products can be inexpensive because they use cheaper ingredients developed with less research. Salon color services are safer because stylists know and use proper application techniques with high-quality products. And if something doesn’t come out quite as intended, a top-quality salon like Michael Anthony Salon will work with you to make it right. Stylists also have the expertise to apply highlights and ombre with the right blurring of colors and tones.

In my years behind the chair, I have come to the rescue of many DIY color disasters. One is fixing the “musical instrument” effect – when, instead of a natural sexy blonde, you end up with a brassy “trumpet blonde.” Another recent example is the young lady who attempted a home ombre and came to us with hair that looked like a calico cat. Here at Michael Anthony Salon, we want you to look great. Unfortunately, we see how often the result of DIY hair coloring  is spending even more money at the salon to fix the at-home job. Just saying…

Enjoy your hair!