michael-anthony-salon-haircut-typesYou can spend thousands of dollars and just as many hours on your hair. That’s an investment that you want to protect! To get that “great” cut rather than just a “good” cut, here’s what you need to know.

Not all hair types should be treated the same.

Fine hair is always a bit tricky. Textured cuts that create choppiness and movement are great for adding volume and an edgier look. But too much texture can do the opposite, leaving hair thinner looking and lifeless. Blunt cuts will create thicker hair. Bangs add versatility to your styling options.

Thick hair, with its signature “Cleopatra look” can be the problem child. Adding layers to thick hair will remove the heaviness from the bottom. Soft layers that blend into the hair are best for creating natural movement. Blunt layers are more noticeable … fine if you are going for that edgy emo look.

Curly hair acts like thick hair. Long layers and a soft face framing will prevent Cleopatra hair and help spring up weighted down hair. Medium to long lengths work great with this hair type.

Wavy hair is most forgiving. Cuts that are medium to long with long layers bring out the natural wave in the hair. The layers will allow for a lighter look and feel to the hair and are great for “wash and wear” beachy looks. Too many layers will affect the texture and the hair will be harder to handle.

Cutting your hair can be a big decision.

Keep these things in mind…

  • It’s best to avoid a major hairstyle change when times are tough and you are feeling vulnerable. Break-ups, job loss, or any stressful event can lead you right into the salon for some feel good time and an emotional “cure.” By all means come in and let us pamper you, but beware of impulsive decisions that may lead to an outcome you don’t like. You could leave feeling worse, instead of better.
  • Asymmetrical is great and fun but not the best shape for growing out. Straight lines grow out better.
  • If you have your hair cut too frequently it will never look different. A good cut should last through growth periods. Longer time between cuts equals noticeable difference.

Finally, remember that it is HAIR! It grows and forgives. Have fun, let your stylist help you make good choices, and we’ll see you again soon!

Enjoy these tips and as always,

Enjoy your hair!