michael-anthony-salon-secret-to-great-hairIt is a wonderful experience every time a new client sits in my chair. Yet I’m amazed how often the first thing I hear is, “You’re the professional. Do what you think looks best.”

Yes, I’m a professional and so are all the terrific stylists here at Michael Anthony Salon. We all love and appreciate the confidence, but I’m going to tell you straight out that there is a much better way to ensure you get a look you will love!

There were a few times early in my career when I boldly went ahead to do what I thought would look great, only to end up with a mad client on my hands. Lesson learned: Everyone – even the “do-what-you think-will-look-best” client – has limitations and ideas about how their hair should look.

Secret To Getting a Hairstyle You’ll Love

Build a relationship of trust with your stylist. It is that simple and it may not happen all in one visit. Before I get to the point where I feel comfortable making changes and suggestions to someone’s hair, I spend time building a relationship of trust. I have a list of questions I like to ask clients on the first visit and more at every visit thereafter.


Before we get started on your hair, as stylists, we want to get to know you and your lifestyle. Learning these things about you is critical to providing a great service and beginning a long, trusting relationship.

  • What is your lifestyle? (active, parenting, sports, professional, etc.)
  • How much time do you spend styling your hair at home?
  • Are you happy with your current style, length, and color?
  • What is the investment you are willing to make? (frequency of visits, upkeep on color, daily maintenance, products, etc.)
  • Are there any concerns about the condition of your hair?

Personal Preferences

One person’s favorite look may be another’s idea of a very bad hair day! Tell us about your preferences. Maybe you just totally dislike bangs or curls. That’s okay with us! We don’t want to start the relationship with guesswork that completely misses YOUR mark!

Getting it Perfect

When a client returns I like to inquire about the previous visit. I like to know if the hair was easy to manage, the right length, and the right color. I also want to know how any products I may have suggested are working and finally if there are any changes needed.

The answers to these questions, including any follow-up adjustments that may be needed, are the stuff of wonderful bonding between you and your stylist.

Whatever your lifestyle, whatever your preferences, our goal is to get to know YOU and help you find the perfect way to express yourself through your hair and hairstyle.

Enjoy your hair!