Currently Closed Due to Coronavirus/COVID-19 Crisis. Click for More Information (Updated May 21, 2020).

Support the Salon and Staff
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Support Michael Anthony Salon

While the salon is closed for the COVID-19 crisis, numerous clients have asked how they can support the salon and its staff during these difficult times. In addition to the option of purchasing a gift card, we have the following two options to directly support the salon staff.

  1. Make a pledge of support to the salon. This is similar to a donation, but not tax deductible, as we are not a non-profit. For instance, some clients have chosen to pay what they would have paid for a service while we are closed.
  2. Send in a tip for stylist(s) and/or shampoo assistant(s). Tips will be distributed directly to the stylist and/or shampoo assistant you designate while the salon is closed.

Below are several links to choose from to send in a payment. Please do not use any of the links below for gift cards / pre-payments for future services. All links below are for payments that have no future value and are non-refundable.

Whichever of the above options (or combination of options) and at whatever level you choose to support the salon is up to you and is greatly appreciated.

Make a pledge and tip together – Please use the Reference Field to designate amount for pledge and amount for tips, along with how tips should be distributed.

Make a Pledge to Salon Only

Make Tips Only – Please use the Reference Field to designate how tips should be distributed.

Easy Quick Links for Tips

Tips for Da
Tips for Collin
Tips for Kendra
Tips for Gerald

Support Staff
Tips for Shampoo Assistants (split three ways)
Tips for Shampoo Assistants and Receptionist (split four ways)
Tips for Consuelo
Tips for Adriana
Tips for Gilma
Tips for Ilani