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Split End Correction Treatment

If you want long hair, but aren’t sure what to do about the split ends, then this is for you.


It is now possible to grow your hair out without the incessant worry 0f split ends. The Split End Correction Treatment targets the split ends, instantly repairing and sealing the broken pieces. This 10-minute service lasts up to 4 weeks and renders your hair the length you desire. It can be applied to both natural and colored/highlighted hair.

Does the Split End Correction Treatment replace hair cuts?

No. For the optimum health and growth of your hair, continue scheduling hair cuts on a regular basis. Subsequent to your cut, ask your stylist for this treatment in order to seal the ends and prevent any breakage or splitting. Following your treatment, you will notice that the ends of your hair are stronger with a smoother texture.

The best part? This treatment can be applied every 4 weeks. Our stylists are excited to incorporate the Split End Correction Treatment into any service for just $25. Want your hair to grow faster? This is how.

“This treatment is excellent!” – Customer


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