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Easy Summer Hair Care Tips | Mickey Bolek’s Best Advice

Posted by Mickey B.


Summer hair care

Summer hair care is a little different than other times of the year. It’s not complicated, but it’s important to keep a few things in mind as well as a few summer products in your hair care collection.

Like the rest of the human body, hair is affected by changes in temperature, sunlight, humidity, and our own activities. Here are a few of my best suggestions and reminders for keeping your hair healthy and looking great, while doing everything you love to do in the summer.

Summer hair products just right for DC life

Your summer hair products–shampoos and conditioners – should provide more UV protection. If you don’t like the three-step (apply-wait-rinse) of traditional conditioners, there are great “leave in” conditioners that are light weight and will nourish and protect your hair from all that summer has to dish out. Ask your stylist what products are best for you.

Blondes and brunettes can keep from fading too fast in the sun with semi-permanent glazes and toners.

Pool water can be hard on the hair. Have you ever had your hair feel like straw when it’s wet or develop a weird almost glassy look (not the kind of shine that looks healthy) when your hair is dry? That is chlorine build up. Many people think hair turns green from chlorine but that is not true. Using a gentle but deep clarifying shampoo once or twice a week can help prevent chlorine build up from the pool.

There is no escaping humidity during a Washington DC summer, but you can manage the frizz. Moisturize … moisturize … moisturize to give your hair what it is screaming out for under stress … and then use smoothing products to help tame frizz and repel humidity.

Hot hair trends for summer are braids and (deep breath…) going short, or shorter. We are already helping people get these seasonal looks going, and it is a lot of fun. Ask your stylist for ideas – or bring pictures that inspire you – on ways to “summerize” your hair.

Enjoy summer… and your hair!

Audio Minute with Mickey: Listen to this short audio tip by Mickey on how to prevent chlorine damage during pool weather!


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