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Autumn Has Arrived and It’s Time For a New Hair Style

Posted by Mickey B.


“Summer’s over. It’s time to try a new hair style. What do YOU think would look good on me?”

It seems like fall is a season of new beginnings. Back to school fever with fresh clothes, haircuts, and supplies can prompt the desire for a different hair style. Hairdressers are frequently enlisted to help. The advice isn’t always exactly what a client wants to hear, and at that precise moment, stylist and client begin to collaborate. Here’s how it works:

Your Stylist’s Vision and Your New Hairstyle

Sometimes the stylist’s ideas of a flattering look for you may not agree with what you had in mind. However, there are reasons to pay attention to those initial words. A stylist’s vision for your new hairstyle is based on expertise and experience. They are looking at your face shape, bone structure, as well as your hair type and density.

That is perfect for you! Your stylist not only keeps current with the latest hair trends, but he or she pays attention to detail and what looks best on you. But that’s not all.

What You Have to Share

You want to change your hairstyle, so you are a part of the conversation is to help the stylist create the best look for you. To do this, he or she needs information about you.

  • Do you blow dry? What kind of blow-dryer do you use?
  • How often do you shampoo? Do you prefer specialized styling products or maybe no products at all?
  • How about styling tools such as smoothing irons, curling iron, or hot rollers?
  • What are your profession and personal style?

Your stylist wants to work with you to create something you can manage at home, and that complements your lifestyle. I would not suggest an edgy Emo style for someone who wears Laura Ashley. An extreme example, for sure, but…you get the point!

Pictures are Still Worth Lots of Words


Pictures are always helpful, and we love it when you bring them in. But, the perfect haircut and style for you are hard to find in just one magazine. You want the perfect look unique to you, not a mere copycat version of a model or celebrity. 

Peruse through different magazines and Pinterest photos, and choose pictures of different looks. Be prepared to explain to your stylist what you like about each style. It may be the fringe of one cut, the layers of another, or the overall length of the third.

Collaboration is the key to a successful, new hair style. If you combine all of these ingredients, the chances are that you and your stylist will end up with a shared vision of what looks good and unique on you. Add a comb, scissors, and a talented stylist, and you will be thrilled with your fresh new hair style. I see it all the time.

Enjoy your hair,


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